Church is a funny place. Granted, there’s funny as in strange, but I mean funny as in funny. I was raised in church. Now when some folks say they were raised in church, they mean that their dutiful parents took them to Sunday School and church regularly where they learned moral values and the love of Jesus. But I mean that I was born, bred and brewed in church. We were AT church more than we were AT home. We went to church Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. Then there was typically a kids’ event on Thursdays, a youth program sometime during the week, choir practice wedged in sometime, and frequently a fellowship dinner Saturday evening. (cue green bean casserole smell).

Church was our main and most significant social connection. It was the center of our lives. And when I look back on it, much to my own astonishment, I realized that I actually loved it! Oh sure, there were some on-and-off moments in my teen years. And we won’t even go into my that period in my young adult years (unless I feel an overwhelming urge to embarrass myself). But as I self-reflect, I’ve realized that some of my best memories…some of the most precious characters…and some of the most hilarious moments came from within the walls of our church.

I sat down awhile back and began to write some humor pieces. There was a bit of fun, a bit of fiction and always at least one bona fide fact. As more of the pieces developed, I realized just how often church or faith was a part of what I wrote. So I started this BLOG because I needed a place to share my thoughts, to explore some of the funny stuff I remember, some of the funny stuff I’ve seen, and some of the funny stuff we Christians do. It’s not meant to be political. And it’s not a ministry. It’s more like a family reunion where we sit around and comment on the daily news and tell stories on each other. My hope is that you will occasionally find something that resonates with you. And if that doesn’t happen…well, you’re probably just not saved.

Carol as a Speaker–

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